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Bluebird in room.jpg

Mixed Media Paintings

Choose from abstracts, animals and nature themed mixed-media paintings. My process begins by covering the canvas with a wash of acrylic paints. Sometimes I spray water or rubbing alcohol to make the paint drip and splatter. I use gels and modeling pastes to add paper and textures to the piece. I use spray paints to add interest and additional acrylics with brushes and palette knives to add depth to the design. After I am satisfied with the look of the piece, I will finish it by adding transparent and opaque oils. occasionally I add metal leaf during the acrylic part of the process to add shimmer and richness to the work.  Each layer is done with care, and is allowed to dry before the next layer is added.  Each piece takes approximately ten total hours of work  broken up into several sessions over the course of a week. Once the finished piece is dry a protective glossy varnish is applied with a brush.

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