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I would love to come to your location in NW Ohio to provide an art party. I can schedule an art lesson for a girl's night out, or a child's birthday party. I have even held a painting party for a "Red Hat" club. 


I can teach you how to do a poured painting, a hidden blessing dress painting, an abstract with metal leaf accents, and a variety of other techniques. The class can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact me to schedule a class at your location in Northwest Ohio. Minimum of 5 people. $40 per person, and all the materials will be provided. Most classes run about an hour and a half.

Below is a demo of a poured painting technique that I put together as a "how to" video for one of the high school classes I teach. I hope you enjoy it.

Small pallette knife floral painting
Hidden blessing mixed media painting

I am happy to add new classes as they are requested. Are you interested in watercolor, palette knife painting or mixed media? Contact me about the availability of these types of classes.

Abstract painting with foil embellishment
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